Our Story

KJ CrossFit was born out of the desire to create a place that allowed people to not only lose weight, but also become strong and balanced. We want to create athletes that are fit for whatever life throws at them, whether it is day to day challenges, or competition.

Our Approach

We LOVE CrossFit! We believe it is extremely effective and will help people reach many types of goals. CrossFit is the main form of training utilized in our gym. We also understand that there are things that can be added to CrossFit, in order to maximize results and prevent injury. Utilizing accessory work from strongman, Olympic weightlifting, and strict gymnastics, we are able to further enhance our athlete’s development.

Meet the Team


Kristy Bauer

Owner & Coach

Kristy grew up in Centennial, Colorado. She was a competitive horseback rider for many years. After moving to Longmont to take a job on a ranch, she found a school that was teaching thai kickboxing. After committing three years to kickboxing, CrossFit was introduced and she was instantly hooked. The complexity of the sport has kept her passionate and the intensity has gotten her the best results.

Bachelors degree in Biology

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Gymnastics

USAW Sports Performance Coach

Attended clinics with Dmitry Klokov, Vasiliy Polovnikov, Jenny Arthur, Rachel Wood

Completed StrongFit seminar as well as in depth coaches week. Training was focused on the StrongFit philosophy and application.

Trained with Jenny Arthur, weightlifter in the 2016 Olympics.


Jeremy Bauer

Owner & Coach

Jeremy grew up in Berthoud, Colorado. He played football and wrestled in high school. Jeremy is an Army veteran that served two tours in Iraq. He started CrossFit four years ago after it was introduced into the kickboxing school he was training at. He was instantly hooked by the variety and the intensity. Since then he has been competing in local competitions as well as coaching.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Gymnastics

Clinics with Oscar Chaplin and Jenny Arthur

matt web

Matthew Rasler


Matthew was born and raised in Northeast Indiana, graduating college from Purdue University. As an outdoor enthusiast he was naturally drawn to the beautiful state of Colorado and relocated here with his wife Catriona in 2014. With a love for adventure and outdoor sports and more than 10 years studying Karate, CrossFit became a natural progression. Though a software engineer by trade, he has a particular passion for understanding how the human body works and adapts in sport and fitness and thrives on pushing past physical barriers.

Bachelors degree in Computer Science with minors in Anthropology and Mathematics

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

StrongFit Seminar

Clinic with Jenny Arthur


Josh Jenkins

CrossFit Level 1

Clinic with Jenny Arthur


Shelby Dickson

Bachelors in Exercise Science

CrossFit Level 1

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