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Hour long classes that include programmed warm-up, strength and/or skill work, plus conditioning. Follows specific strength and conditioning cycles.

Olympic Lifting

Hour long classes that focus on developing the strength and technique needed to successfully complete the snatch and clean and jerk. Class includes programmed warm-up, strength work, and technique work.


StrongFit is a combination of strongman movements designed to balance out and strengthen an athletes body. It is a great supplement to Crossfit or can be done separately.

KJ Crossfit- Crossfit Family- Crossfit Open

Group settings increase intensity and yield the best results. Increased accountability to your community increases success.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of our program, whether you are older and want to maintain strength and coordination, just looking to lose weight, or compete in the sport of CrossFit.

KJ Crossfit- Patrick during StrongFit

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