Matthew Rasler

Matthew Rasler


Really enjoys gritty mental workouts.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USAW Level 1 Coach

About Coach

I grew up in the midwest, studied computer science, anthropology, and mathematics in college. I trained in martial arts from a young age and in college, which imparted a great deal of discipline, self-understanding, and provided a physical outlet. As a younger adult, I curiously explored many outdoor recreations: adventure racing, triathlons, running, mountain biking, skydiving, backpacking/hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and more.<br /> <br /> In 2013, my wife and I visited Boulder Colorado for a weeklong vacation and we immediately knew we wanted to be a part of the Colorado outdoor active lifestyle, so I found a tech nerd job in Boulder, and we moved to Colorado in 2014. <br /> <br /> After a year in Colorado of enjoying mountain bike rides, bouldering and in-door climbing, running some races, and lots of backpacking and hiking, we wanted to elevate our personal capabilities by "getting into better shape". We were inthralled by the capability and achievement of the athletes in the CrossFit games and decided in 2015 to commit to CrossFit to see how physically capable we could push ourselves to become. And it has been an integral part our lives since.<br /> <br /> As my tech career started to morph into a position of mentorship and leadership, I started digging deep into the philosophies and science of leadership, coaching, and human motivation. And in 2016 I saw that this path aligned well with CrossFit coaching, specifically motivated by the respect I had (have) for my coaches whom showed a seemingly effortless ability to motivate and organize large groups of very unique and successful individuals. This inspired me, and I started to learn the art of CrossFit coaching, and with lots of mentorship and some persuasion by my coaches, started coaching CrossFit in early 2017.<br /> <br /> I am humbled to be able to help athletes on their respective journeys in fitness and understanding their own potentials, it is an amazing opportunity that I take seriously, and find much joy in seeing others unlock their potentials and become more capable.

Turning Point

I was a very overweight child throughout elementary, middle, high school, and the first year of college, at a max weight of 315 lbs. This made me a target for constant bullying, harassment, and exclusion. I became a shy, introverted bookworm, and was generally unhappy with my place in life. Not having many resources and living in a very rural place as a child compounded this feeling of isolation and a sense of not having control over my life. Deep down I knew that if I ever wanted to find happiness and love (from others and for self), I needed radical change in how my life operated and a totally new way of thinking. After high school, I was on my own, broke, and working 3 jobs while trying to pay for college and rent. At rock bottom, I leaned on my strongest skill and drove to the nearest public library and spent the next 8 hours reading every book on diet and nutrition available. When I left, I had a confident path (though history would reveal it to be a suboptimal one :) ), one which I hardened my mind towards, and committed fully to. Over the next several years, I would loose 140 lbs, become physically active, and sign up for jobs and situations that would force me to become "social" (sales, bartending). I continued to hone my approach to life and have been a student of motivation, fitness, nutrition, and general life hackery since. I eventually finished college, became a software engineer, husband, father, and coach. I see harmony and commonality on many of the things I do/am today, and all of it started that one day in the library.

Motivation & Passion

I have an analytical brain and a passion for human improvement. I am super fortunate to be able to be a part of people understanding themselves in fitness and movement. I love being a part of individuals' journeys through incremental progress and growth and love matching individuals' goals to every day in the gym.

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