Tyler Patty

Tyler Patty

Head Coach

Mile Time 5:50

BenchPress 260

Refuse to do Fran


I99 Gymnastics Coach

About Coach

My athletic career started playing all the sports I could get my hands on. When the dust settled baseball is what stuck, I played college baseball at a D2 school in Kansas. When my playing career ended my coaching career started. I have coached baseball to all age groups from tots to adults. This is where I found my passion for fitness and become the best version of myself through CrossFit. My love for sport and coaching lead me to place my focus on the great members of KJ CrossFit.

Turning Point

Everyone is their own worst enemy. My turning point hasn't happened yet but my battle rages on. I am my own worst enemy. The chatterbox in my head never stops the doubts, the constant struggle to choose the right way vs. the easy way. "Just give up", "It Hurts too much" "what's the point", "no one will know" and the list goes on. When the chatterbox starts chirping we have a choice to make. Each and every day we have the opportunity to tell our demons to go away. I lose just as many as I win but my willingness to stay in the fight keeps me coming back for more.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help people chase down their goals in and out of the gym. Gym goals tend to micro in our life plan, but like a bricklayer, the more small wins we can stack the closer we can get to our big goals. It's my job and passion to make sure we are able to overcome our obstacles; self-doubt, obesity, insecurity... We are a family at KJ CrossFit and every member's goals are specific and we want to help you get there.

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