Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CrossFit?

The technical definition? Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.

The practical definition? Strength and conditioning program that utilizes a mix of specialties. We use running, rowing, gymnastics, weightlifting, and more. The workouts are different - some short, some long. Some workouts are done with heavy weights, some without any weights. Some workouts aim to improve your endurance, others develop your speed and power output.

Constant variety prevents the body from adapting, high intensity insures efficacy; it is a powerful combination that yields amazing results.

Am I fit enough to start CrossFit?

We hear this a lot. People think they need to hit the regular gym before starting to train with us. Don't waste your time! Even though we are able to scale everything to someones ability, the first few months are still difficult. You will be sore and feeling a little tired. It is difficult to replicate the intensity of a CrossFit work out at a regular gym, so just come in and stick it out for a few weeks. It will be totally worth it!

Will I get bulky?

Only if you really work at it! More common in women, this is a concern before starting. Bulking up takes a ton of hard work and only happens if you make it a goal. You will build muscle but you will lose a ton of fat and feel great.

Is CrossFit Dangerous?

Many people are concerned with starting CrossFit for fear of getting hurt. Just like any sport, being careless in your training can lead to injury. We work very hard to keep everyone safe, we want you to be able to train for a long time.

KJ Crossfit- Felix During a WOD